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Left vs Right

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  • 1. The opposite of a political liberal is a ______.
  • 2. Which major U.S. political party was most closely associated with liberals in the 1960s and 70s?
  • 3. The term Demopublican hints at:
  • 4. During election years, we’re reminded that most states in the South and the Great Plains regions are ______ states.
  • 5. Monopoly Guy Which political party is most supportive of corporations and the very rich?
  • 6. What state is nicknamed the “Left Coast” because of its perceived liberalism, even though past governors include Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger?
  • 7. If democracy is government of the people, which word might describe an economic system for the people?
  • 8. Which word describes a patriotic pride in one’s country that sometimes evolves into racism?
  • 9. Which famous politico is commonly described as a fascist?
  • 10. Which issues are more closely associated with liberals than conservatives: