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World Orders

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  • 1. The author defines a world order as:
  • 2. A basic knowledge of major world orders can help one...
  • 3. During the world order that preceded the Middle Ages, much of Europe and the Mediterranean were ruled by:
  • 4. During the colonial period, much of Africa, Asia and the New World were exploited primarily by:
  • 5. What country ruled most of South America and southern North America during the Colonial World Order?
  • 6. What country has dominated and exploited Latin America ever since the European colonial powers were defeated in the New World?
  • 7. Which European country never owned any of the land that now makes up the United States?
  • 8. Select every country that was never colonized by a European nation during the Colonial World Order.
  • 9. The world order that followed World War II was dominated by which two nations?
  • 10. After WWII, many of the poorer countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America were called: