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  • 1. When people talk about holding other people accountable, they’re usually thinking about which of the following?
  • 2. Which one is not one of the purposes of accountability?
  • 3. Which word is in the wrong category?
  • 4. Which state is most associated with both capital punishment and corporal punishment?
  • 5. Fist Select each answer that might be considered a form of “wild justice.”
  • 6. Patriotic Symbols People are often intimidated into participating in patriotic rituals by...
  • 7. Which one is not a form of torture?
  • 8. Scapegoating is similar to which of the following?
  • 9. When you hurt someone in retaliation for hurting you, you are doing something that some say is sweet and others say is best served cold. Yet many people believe this seven-letter word is never appropriate.
  • 10. Which of the following do the author think should be accountable for their actions?