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What is politix?

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  • 1. Few can do a better job putting politics in perspective than Carl Sagan does in the video Pale Blue Dot. What is the name of Sagan’s nemesis, who is featured as an example of a corrupt politician?
  • 2. Military Which U.S. President warned of the dangers of a growing “military-industrial complex” in his farewell address?
  • 3. Far more right-wing than Adolf Hitler or even George W. Bush and Obama, this famous Jewish economist caused enormous suffering around the world, though he may be most hated in Latin America.
  • 4. Which war is not discussed in the video Three Holy Wars?
  • 5. Howard Zinn notes that which country gained its independence from the British without fighting a war?
  • 6. U.S. flag Select every true statement.
  • 7. Which “holy war” was won by an army led by an aristocratic general who owned slaves?
  • 8. The article suggests that it’s very difficult to truly understand politics without...
  • 9. Who reminded us of the importance of knowing who your friends and enemies are when he said the Viet Cong “never called me nigger”?
  • 10. The author thinks that anyone who supports the troops after watching a U.S. helicopter gunship blow innocent people away in “Collateral Murder” is...