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Politix 101 is a series of fourteen articles written by Seattle-based political scientist and activist David W. Blomstrom. It was published about 2014, with a major upgrade in 2015.

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Designed for people who know little or nothing about politics, the series is essentially a crash course in political science — or politix, as Blomstrom often calls it — consisting of fourteen articles. Blomstrom begins by defining politics and exploring its origins. He describes people and organizations as the atoms and molecules that make up political systems, which are far bigger than government.

Three articles are devoted to ethics, with an emphasis on accountability. An article about political systems, which can be amazingly complex and corrupt, pulls it all together.

The series ends with an article about the New World Order, which serves as an introduction to conspiracy science, one of Blomstrom’s specialities.

Blomstrom promotes the series as part of his resumé, or “track record,” noting that any activist or political leader who doesn’t reach out to beginners should not be trusted. He includes Noam Chomsky, Bernie Sanders, Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones among the politicos who make no credible effort to educate the public.

Politix 101 begins at Every article in the series but the first is featured on the website However, Blomstrom encourages people who want to take the associated quizzes and final test to begin with the GeoStacks version. Blomstrom is also working on a similar series for younger readers.