Nov. 21 (Thursday)

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Full Name: Paul Allen
Born: Jan. 21, 1953 in Seattle, Washington

Paul Allen is very similar to Bill Gates, with whom he founded Microsoft. Like Gates, Allen is a multi-billionaire who has become famous for his arrogance, nerdiness and corruption.

Allen bent or broke many laws in his successful bid to demolish the Kingdome so he could replace it with a new football stadium subsidized by taxpayers. His soccer team (the Sounders) sports jerseys that advertise Microsoft’s XBox. Allen chose the Seattle Center as the site for his Experience Music Project museum (EMP), which has been compared to a crushed Coke can.

A major Seattle land owner, Allen invests heavily in biotech and has long supported charter schools, just like Bill Gates. With the help of the corporate media and even Wikipedia, Allen promotes himself as a “philanthropist,” though he’s actually one of the kingpins of the so-called Seattle Mafia.