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Jews 101 is a series of articles written by Seattle-based activist David W. Blomstrom in 2016. The series is designed as an introduction to what Blomstrom calls “Jewarchy,” a word he coined to describe excessive power or corruption in the Jewish community.

Belated Awakening

After Blomstrom’s political awakening in the mid-1990’s he generally ignored conspiracy theories involving Jews, partly because they often sound far-fetched but also because they are often promoted by right-wing racists, particularly NeoNazis.

In 2015, Blomstrom learned what many people had known for decades: Jews control Hollywood. That knowledge, combined with Blomstrom’s growing hatred of Zionism, motivated him to take another look at the pantheon of Jewish conspiracy theories.

His discovery that many of the media whores who had led the charge in insulting and lying about him during his campaigns for public office are Jews added fuel to the fire.

An Intriguing Project

Researching Jews 101 was thus a learning experience for Blomstrom as well as his fans and students.

It was a surprisingly complex project. How does one define the word “Jew”? Is it in fact racist to criticize Jews? And isn’t it hypocritical for white people to complain about Jews controlling the economy, media and even the government when white people themselves have long ruled the world?

Such questions have inspired Blomstrom to consider writing a parallel series: White People 101.

In the meantime, Blomstrom is sure to get lots of feedback on Jews 101 as he campaigns for election to the office of Washington State Governor.

Every article in the Jews 101 series but the first is featured on the website However, people who want to take the associated quizzes and the final test are advised to begin with the GeoStacks version at