Though I’ve always been very philosophical, it wasn’t until just a few years ago that I began formally studying philosophy. I find it very interesting to begin with, and it has greatly enhanced my understanding of politix, particularly propaganda. The irony is that much of what is written about philosophy these days is itself propaganda.

You’ll find a lot of philosophy in most of my books and websites. However, I don’t yet have a well developed book or site focusing on philosophy. Merely finding a suitable domain name has been a problem.

I’m currently working on three sites, trying to figure out which one should be my primary base for philosophical inquiry:, and

The second domain name is a fusion of two portmanteaus. PoliSci, of course, is a popular nickname for “political science” that I tweaked to represent “political psychology.” PsyPhi—“psychology and philosophy”—is a play on SciFi (science fiction). also focuses on philosophy and psychology both.

I’m also working on a series of books that serve as an introduction to political studies, including either two separate books focusing on political philosophy and psychology or a single book that covers both topics.