Encyclopedia Geobop

As the Geobop family continues to grow in popularity, I decided to expand and sync some of them together into an online encyclopedia. The sites below now feature World sections, with pages for all the world’s countries and the 50 U.S. states, as well as Topics sections.

  • Geobop
  • Geobop’s Symbols
  • Politix Pro
  • Conspiracy 1
  • Jewarchy
  • China: New World Order
  • Latin America Pro (pages for Latin American countries only)

Other sites that may soon have World and Topics sections include a new website focusing on Generation Z.

Why should you bother with an online reference like this when artificial intelligence (AI) is now at our fingertips?

I first tried ChatGPT in June 2024 and instantly fell in love. That’s really weird, since I fear artificial intelligence. Like most technology, it’s a two-edged sword.

Anyway, my sites have several advantages over AI. First, AI isn’t perfect (yet). People can still do things AI can’t. I can also take information from AI and polish it.

Second, AI is much better suited for fact-finding than exploring theories and opinions.

Third, AI can be manipulated. In fact, it is wildly manipulated. In particular, many AI programs are insanely “woke.” On one occasion, I was warned against using the word “blacklisted,” which an AI platform thought sounded racist. On another occasion, I was able to get a picture of a blue whale but not a sperm whale; it didn’t like the word “sperm.” Recalling the famous literary sperm whale, I typed in “Moby Dick” instead. This time it choked on the word “Dick.”

I have encountered a number of bogus claims about subjects like conspiracy and Jewarchy on various AI platforms. When I asked ChatGPT FOR a list of renowned conspiracy experts, it gave me a list of some of the world’s biggest propagandists!

Lean and Mean ˆ

A common technique propagandists use to confuse people is to simply overwhelm them with information, which is often poorly organized to boot. Many political sites in particular are adorned with multiple headlines, slogans, links, ads, and on and on. How many sites have you ever seen that threw political newbies a lifeline?

Even Wikipedia articles that are truthful and accurate are often bloated, overflowing with facts and details that may not interest the average reader.

Encyclopedia Geobop has its priorities straight. Its articles and resources are well researched, accurate, well organized, and designed as teaching tools. Though it’s lean and mean, you’ll be surprised how much information Encyclopedia Geobop has that you won’t find elsewhere. That’s largely because it isn’t afraid to tackle taboo topics that most people fear to mention.

* * * * *

In summary, there’s still a need for free thinkers and independent journalists, and Geobop goes where few others dare to follow. It’s perfectly OK to ask questions about everything from redwoods to the swastika, Alexander the Great and Adolf Hitler, the Holocaust and the American Holocaust. It’s also not only OK but vital that people question the mainstream narrative.

In that spirit, Hello World! You can see an Encyclopedia Geobop Topics Index, along with a list of websites and blog posts.