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William Henry Gates III was exposed as a member of the Seattle Mafia in the 1998 classic “Who Really Runs Seattle?
 William Henry Gates III
Full Name: William Henry Gates III
Born: Oct. 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington

Bill Gates is one of the richest and most powerful people in the world. He’s also one of the most misunderstood, thanks to one of history’s most intense propaganda campaigns.

Encylopedia Britannica and Wikipedia both describe Gates as a philanthropist, when he actually ranks among the world’s biggest corporate crooks and con men. Most articles about Bill Gates ignore or only briefly comment on his extraordinary greed, arrogance and corruption, and there’s amazingly little mention of his father, a sleazy Seattle lawyer who may be the real power behind Bill Gates.

Bill Gates’ empire includes Microsoft, the Gates Foundation (an investment firm masquerading as a charity) and his father’s legal firm, K&L Gates. He is especially known for his exploitation of education and health care, along with his promotion of genetically modified food in alliance with Monsanto. Gates has focused especially on Africa, which some observers fear is being transformed into a giant plantation for genetically modified food.