Sep. 21 (Saturday)

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Open/Close All

What’s new? Everything! I spent the last half of 2013 and all of 2014 working on a monster upgrade of all the Geobop websites.

I fixed a few things, reorganized everything, added a lot of new content (and some super cool new features), and I think you’ll find the overall appearance a lot nicer, too. Ten specific changes are listed below.

• Reorganization
• jQuery
• Bootstrap
• Interactive Styles
• Graphs
• Dynamic Quizzes
• Membership Registration
• Mobile Ready!
• New Content

Don’t take reorganization lightly. It has a lot to do with vision, very important since the Geobop family of websites has an important mission.

Very briefly, HTML5, jQuery and Bootstrap are technical terms used by web designers. All three are pretty new, and each one can do some really cool things. When you combine them, stand back!

For example, you might appreciate the new magic sidebars that you can hide in two ways, either pushing them aside or simply making them disappear. Another cool new feature is interactive styles. You can now change a page’s appearance by simply clicking a button. You can learn more about these and other cool tricks on the Features page.

Graphs and dynamic quizzes go hand-in-hand, because, you can now monitor your progress if you take advantage of another new feature — membership registration.

Another big plus: I’ve finally embraced responsive design. That means Geobop websites can be viewed in cell phones and other mobile devices.

It’s hard finding time to research and write articles when you’re up to your eyeballs in programming. Nevertheless, you’ll still find lots of new content. And if you miss some of the old content, don’t worry; I’ll get it back online as fast as I can.

Stars of the show include Geobop 50 States, a merger of five major websites into one of the most powerful research and homework tools on the Internet. Another cool feature is Politix’ new People section, which features user friendly biographies of some of the most most amazing people you’ve never heard of, along with a lot of people you already know.

But membership registration and dynamic quizzes may be the most exciting thing of all. They’re central to Geobop’s home-schooling mission, a vital part of the Global Awakening you may have heard of.

David W. Blomstrom, Teacher With an Attitude and WebRanger